Shenzhen Fine Art Institute (SZFAI) was founded in 1986 as a specialized art creation and research institution directly under Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. As Shenzhen is a pioneer city of reform and opening up, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government attaches great importance to cultural development by calling upon to build Shenzhen into a modern cultural city when Shenzhen witnesses rapid economic progress. Making full use of the economic advantage of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, SZFAI has planned, designed and built an art facility which meets the requirements raised by cultural and social development of the city.

Lying beside the green-hill-embraced Silver Lake, Shenzhen Fine Art Institute owns a floor area of over 5,000 square meters. The building has an exhibition hall, a lecture hall, various painting studios, an art library, art archive rooms, photographing studios, printmaking studios, collection rooms, a storeroom for paintings to be exhibited, studios for both Chinese and foreign resident artists and other supporting facilities. In 2012, SZFAI underwent large-scale reconstruction which ensured that its state-of-the-art and multifunctional facilities would continue to provide necessary conditions to art creation, research and exchanges between Chinese artists and artists from other countries in the world.

SZFAI has been growing with the reform and opening up of China. When Dong Xiaoming took office as the director of SZFAI in 1992, he oriented the institute ‘to root in Shenzhen, radiate to inlandChina, and face overseas countries’ and ‘to develop by reform and to innovate through construction’. These goals were in line with the development direction of contemporary Chinese art and reflected the cultural character of Shenzhen as a young and open city. SZFAI launched innovative academic subjects, conducted a series of programs promoting art creation and exchanges, and gradually established a set of rules of management and personnel that conformed to the spirit of reform. Apart from that, SZFAI has gained much care and support from masters of art at home and abroad. Masters such as Wu Zuoren and Li Keran inscribed name for the institute, and other masters of art including Hua Junwu, Ye Qianyu, Guan Shanyue, Li Xiongcai, Lai Shaoqi, Lu Yanshao, Tang Yun, Cheng Shifa, Song Wenzhi, Ding Cong, Huang Yongyu, Lu Chen, Wang Jiqian, Zhu Dequn and Fang Zhaolin visited SZFAI successively, and participated in creation and exhibitions.

Up till now, SZFAI has established four departments, namely Administration Office, Creation Department, Research Department and Exhibition Department. The institute has not only well functioning facilities, but also a group of vigorous full-time artists, theorists, resident artists and contracted artists, which enables creation and research to be carried out healthily in an open and competitive environment.


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